Conservation Service Hours Checkbox

I think it would be a good idea to have a check-box or different service hour catagory for marking an event that has service hours to count toward Conservation Service Hours.

I ask this because the Life Rank now requires 3 hours of conservation service hours.

Simply as a work around - I am now appending a “©” in the event title to indicate it was a conservation service hour event. When the Board of Review Worksheet is printed - it displays the service hour events - so I differentiate it that way.

Having a check-box or separate Conservation Service Hour category to categorize the hours would be a nice feature.

“Service Hours” “Conservation Service Hours”

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I like this idea! It would also be helpful for the Conservation Hours to be able to be Tallied like camping nights, hiking miles and service hours. Conservation hours would count as service hours, but not all service hours are Conservation oriented.

Hi @MatthewPodraza,

We constantly get people asking for the ability to track different types of hours, miles, etc. We’ve determined that adding more columns to the database to support these different types is not the answer. We are working on a solution, but for now we are not going to take any action on this.

Thanks for the suggestion!