Events and Service Hours connected to requirements

When looking at the participation for a Scout and the attendance - it would be my suggestion to have a drop down like merit badges to associate the service with a requirement.

Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, Citizenship in the Community, Camping, 50 Miler, Soil and Water Conservation.

Any other requirement that reference service hours?

Then have it print on the Board of Review report for the Scout.

It would take a lot of confusion about what service meets what requirements.

Sorry maybe I’m not catching what you are trying to suggest, but when it comes to service hours in my unit, the same hour could be used for 2nd class by one scout but Star for an older scout. If we peg it to the event how would we manage scouts at various ranks?

 I'm not sure about merit badges, but I would like to see service hours update rank requirements just like our pending suggestion for assigning merit badges to rank.  Hours since you last rank advancement auto apply to the next rank.  

Chris Shackelford

From the Scouts Profile > Participation Tab > Click Attended Radio Button.

The events that have service hours:

It would be nice to have a drop down box next to the event to select what requirement the service will satisfy.

Then have on the Board of Review Report - have that reflected on that document.