Service Hours Applied to Rank

Another thing we struggle with is tracking service hours and their application to the ranks. Especially now that Boy Scouts has “Conservation” required service hours. I’m not sure how you’d approach it, but it would be nice to be able to easier check the “has this scout done their hours for Life” than to go manually check the dates they earned Star and then scroll through the participation and figure out which ones should apply to Life service hours.

Without going overboard, it might be as easy as a way to see the service hours they have logged filtered down to the time period of starting the badge when reviewing service hour related requirements?


This would be very helpful for Venturing. The Discovery award require’s 24 hours, up to half can be done personally. It would be helpful to be able to track to the granular detail where the source could be with the crew of personally.

It would be even better if the service hours would automatically update the rank requirement once you have completed the required number of service hours.

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