Service hour types - need suggestions

What do other Troops or other organizations do to track the types of service hours and how they are applied to various requirements?

Each Rank now requires service hours, Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge, Life needs 3 conservation hours, and the 50 Miler Award. Are there other awards that need service hours that I am not listing?

Our Troop - we label the event with a prefix of “Service -” and “Service © -” for regular service hours and conservation service hours respectively.

I wish this had more depth. This is how we differentiate an Event Type that is a Camping Trip but also where we did a service project. I sort by event name for reporting of service hours for Patrol Competition Scores, JTE entries, Advancement, etc.

I have an idea on a wishlist on how to handle this - can we assign the service hour event to a requirement like we do with Merit Badges to Ranks

A drop down with Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, Life Conservation, Eagle. 50 Miler Award, Cit. in Comm., Extra…

It would help clear up any double dipping by tracking it in TroopTrack.

Another suggestion - The event type can’t be both types (Camping and Service Project) unless the drop down for type is changed to a multi-select checkbox.

Last suggestion - update the Board of Review Worksheet Report to include a column showing the assignment of the service hours (like the Merit Badge section).

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