Consolidating Transaction Categories

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I would like to consolidate some of the previous transaction categories that were created by the previous treasurer. For example, I have multiple categories with singular and plural options: “Fundraiser” and “Fundraisers” are both categories with transactions. This makes me dizzy when trying to prepare year end reports. Is there a way to delete a category and attribute all transactions within the category to a different chosen category. Or an alternative solution?



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Yes, it is possible to delete the multiple transaction categories if you have the proper privileges (Mange > Money > Manage Transaction Categories). You will need to ask your TroopTrack account owner or someone with the correct privileges to delete the duplicates. They may have to move some things around if transactions are in the duplicate categories, but it is possible to clean it up.

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I don’t think there’s a way to merge them programmatically. It’s a manual slog, but definitely worth it for sanity’s sake.