Delete Transactions from Money Book

Hi all,

We have completed our testing of online payments. Before we go live, I need to delete all the test transactions and scout accounts.

I believe I can go into the various profiles and delete the scout accounts. What is the best way to delete the money book transactions? Can I just go in there and start deleting transactions, or is there a better way?

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You should be able to delete and recreate each of the accounts from Manage > Money > All Money Accounts. This may be the quickest option.

If someone knows of a better way, do tell.

Thanks @mlsully2002,

That’s a great idea. What about deleting the troop primary account? That is the money account I have listed in settings. Will I cause any headaches deleting this one?

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Hi @sgaines,

I just tried it and it appears to be ok. I immediately created a new Troop Primary Account and went into Manage > Settings > Online Payments and switched it to the new Troop Primary Account (It defaults to any other troop account).

Thanks @mlsully2002,

I appreciate the quick response as always.

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Thanks @sgaines,

You have a great day, too. :slight_smile:

So I also have a question about deleting all the Categories in the Money Book. I was able to delete all the different accounts but also need to clear out all the custom categories so I can start over and have been unable to figure out how. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks