High Adventure Crews; aka members in multiple "patrols"


I request Scouts & Adults be members of multiple ‘patrols’.

We’re a Troop that sends groups to a National Adventure base each year and starts planning / organizing / training for it months ahead of time, often forming multiple crews of Scouts and adults.

It would be just grand if those boys/adults who train together could belong to a “secondary patrol” called something like SB17, NT18, Phil19, Sum20… and have their own list of members, sub-calendar, files, etc. Right now we use Google Calendar, Google Drive, and manual email lists to supplement our normal patrol organization.

This idea of dual membership could also apply to OA, PLC, NYLT, or any other sub-group within the Troop that plans things themselves.

If you add it, I suggest making it a Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings > General > “Allow multiple-patrol membership” checkbox since this might confuse folks new to TT

The closest thing I found in the forums about this is “Sub-Group Category Distinction in Manage-Sections Page”

Thanks, Kevin


We need this as well. We run two HA trips a year and the standard patrol strucutre does not fit those events.

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We could also benefit from this since we have travel troops that include girls from multiple troops/patrols.

We have the same issue with High Adventure trips

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We’re using Custom Mailing Lists to sorta do this for our Philmont Crews, OA, etc. That option allows filtering in the calendar if you also set-up custom Event Types and get your invitations correct. Each event then become a repository of info, for both before and after the activity.

We also set-up multiple custom webpages to post/share documents, info, etc.