New troop branching off from an existing troop questions

Several families from our current AHG troop are branching off and starting a new troop.
I have 3 questions:

  1. How can I start a TroopTrack page for our new troop when my log-in is linked to our
    current troop?
  2. Is there any kind of assistance for new troops just starting out. We are starting with nothing. Many of the families coming to this new troop have records already in our current troop account, and we would like to preserve those records in the transition.
  3. We have tons of photo albums in our current troop’s Trooptrack account that we would love to know if we can have copied (not moved) into our new troop’s account once we get it going. Do you have a way to make that happen?
    Thank you so much!!!
    Denise Staggs

Hi @DeniseStaggs,

  1. Log out and start a new troop that way. It will require you to use a new user name. You can link the accounts together or we can transfer your current account to the new troop so you can just deactivate the duplicate and keep on going. Either way, you will need to start with a new account.

  2. If this is a freshly chartered troop, then yes, you qualify for a Scoutership (a year of free subscription).

  3. Afraid not. You will need to download and re-upload any photos you’d like to take with you.


Great! Thank you! Can you explain how we go about getting the first year free on TT? Will it give us an option when we go to open the account to indicate that we’re a new troop?

Just post here with the new account or email me at and I’ll handle it.