District- or Council-level BSA leadership positions

TT has no District- or Council-level BSA leadership positions listed in its drop-down menus. Is this intended or have those positions simply not been requested/added, yet?

If these positions can be added, I’d be happy to submit an Idea :slightly_smiling_face:.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but as a start these would be great:

• Unit Commissioner
• District Executive
• District Chairman
• District Popcorn Chair/Kernal
• District Training Chair
• District Membership Chair
• District Advancement Chair
• Council Training Chair


As an aside, it’d be great if a note field could be added to each leadership position. A note field could be a simple solution for capturing additional, unique info, while helping to minimize how many “new” leadership positions need to be created.

For example:
• Add the position “Commissioner,” but use the notes field to specify “Unit” or “Roundtable” or “District,” etc.
• The notes field could be used to record the specific “job” designated to an Assistant Scoutmaster, rather than creating a plethora of Asst. Scoutmaster positions.
Etc., etc., etc.

This could work well, provided the position in question (i.e., Asst. Scoutmaster) can be chosen and added multiple times under an individual’s Leadership Positions(?).

I know this is dangerously close to being an “Idea” in lieu of a “Question.” Sorry!:flushed: