Report with contact details for some sections


We’re from Australia and our Scout group has Cubs and Scouts in the one TroopTrack system.

I want to be able to print a report which lists all the Cubs and the contact details for their parents - so when we’re out & about we have an emergency contact list. Unfortunately I can’t see how to do it.

The best I’ve come up with is exporting the data for the whole group into Excel, deleting a heap of unused columns and filtering on “patrol” to only show the Cubs - really messy!

Am I missing something - is there canned report which will do what I want?

Ideally it would:

  • be grouped by section
  • have 3 columns for the detail section
  • the first column would have info about the Cub
  • the 2nd/3rd columns would have the parent contact info (from the household)
  • include photos of the Cubs (and perhaps parents)

Note: some Cubs have two households (if the parents aren’t together) so it would need to nicely cope with that.

Does this exist? I’ve put this question in the “Ideas” section because I don’t think it does.

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Hmmm, no reply from Troop Track?

Any news on how to do this? I need to be able to take a contact list with me to meetings or outings but can only do it for the whole group (not just our section). So I get all the Scout details as well.