Creating Patrols/Dens

How to Get There

Just click the "Manage" button, then "Units", as shown below.

Manage Patrols and Dens by Dragging People Around

To move a user into a patrol, just drag them from their current position into the patrol box you want them to be a part of, as shown below.

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Our Council (medium sized) is one of about 180 testing the new Lion Cub program. We’d like to have the option to add a Lion Den to our Pack 554 (Vancouver WA) TroopTrack setup. Troop Track currently doesn’t offer that level in Den details. This will allow us to include those parents in our calendar, communications, rosters, etc. Awards and achievements are included in the program but are deemphasized and not required to be formally tracked or reported to Council. That functionality isn’t critical - although to have it down the road wouldn’t be a bad thing, We’d be happy with just being able to add a Lion Den which should be easy to do so we can take advantage of most of the other features of Troop Track right away.

I have added the Lion level to the configuration for packs. Check it out!

What is recommended organization for Parents/Adults and Patrols? Should Parents be added to the same Patrol as their scouts? What if Parents have more then one scout in different patrols?

What about creating a Parent Patrol? But if named incorrectly, conflicts with magic mailing list naming schemes.

Just looking for some guidance based on initial design / requirements of the software.


Hi Damion.

Don’t put parents in the same patrol/den as their scouts. If you want the parents to get all emails sent to their sons, just turn on the “Copy parents on all emails to youth” setting under troop settings.

I just leave parents in unassigned, but you can put them in their own patrol. Just name it something like “useless parents” or something like that. JK. How about “non leader parents” or something?


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@dave31 Do I add “Parent” leadership?