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We have parents with more than one child. Of course they are not the same age unless they are twins, so the end result is a parent with kids in more than one Den. The problem is that I cannot add the same parent to more than one Den. So the problem is that a parent may only get emails from one Den, or show up on attendance for only one den.

I request that instead of a drop down box for parents, we have a check box to mark of the dens that a parent is assigned to.


AJ, If you assign the parents e-mail to the scout I think that will get the den e-mails to the parents. Assuming the scouts don’t have their own e-mail accounts!

That solves the problem of the communication, but not attendance. We will manually have to select the parent that is on the alternate den for any activities.

We’ve been watching den attendance to see which parents are more active. This helps to identify volunteers.



Hi @AJSmoke!

We suggest you put all the parents in a “Parents” or “Unassigned” patrol. Then, turn on the “Copy parents on all scout emails” setting (Manage> Settings> Edit Pack Settings> TroopTrack Settings). This will solve the email problem.

For the attendance issue, add a custom mailing list for each group of parents (they can be in more than one) name the group something that corresponds with the patrol of boys that the parents belong to (something like patrol1_parents) this will add a new group that you will be able to select when you are creating an event.

Thanks for using TroopTrack!


What is the recommendation if a Parent is a leader for 2 separate Dens? (Yes, it’s true…) How do you give that parent access to controls for 2 separate Dens, without giving them Unit-level access permissions?


Hi @njmike!

Unfortunately, TroopTrack does not have this capability yet. However, if you would like to, you could add your support to this community post:


Already did, thanks Claire!

Please consider adding the functionality of associating a parent to multiple dens. This would help us out with organization. Thanks


this would definitely be a nice feature as the magic mailing lists are handy and I do not want to have to manually maintain custom lists!


The issue I see with the attendance solution you offered is that it is a manual process.
When new Scouts join you will need to add them to the den AND to the mailing list.
It’s not that it is hard to do, it’s that it’s easy to forget.

I like the idea of check boxes instead of a drop down for adults.

Bumping this! With the addition of Lions, we have parents with multiple kids and need them to be able to get Den specific communication.


I agree - having families in involved in multiple dens is an issue for us as well.

Is there any progress on this item? It has been an issue for the last 2 years.

Hello @Kmcintosh. The issue with communication is an easy fix, as described above. Make sure your parents are in a generic “parents” den and that each has an email address associated with their profile (due to YPT, we do not allow any of our scouts to have emails or phone numbers in their account - all communications go through the parents). Only den leaders, assistants, den chiefs, and scouts are members of our rank-based dens.

Be sure to turn on the “Copy parents on all scout emails” setting (Manage – Settings – Edit Pack Settings – TroopTrack Settings). This will ensure parents receive emails from each and every den their kids are involved with (and only emails for those dens, should you send a den-specific email).

Hope that helps.

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There are several threads with this same basic request. From one of those threads @KelsieC responded about it. Patrols are equivalent to Dens for a Troop or other Unit the issue is the same one user in multiple groups.