Limit Credit Card Payments to Scout Fund Only

I would like the option to accept credit cards, but not offer the credit card option to pay for events.

Meaning, I just want the parents to fund the scout account with credit cards, but the boys must pay for the event with the scout account.

This will keep all those pesky credit card processing fees out of the outings accounts.




This is the single item that is preventing our Troop Committee from allowing electronic payments. The current setup is functional, but it’s too easy to run up extra credit card transaction fees. Please consider adding this.



Can you please take a look at this post and like if you would like to see this implemented. I would really like to see this idea get some traction. I think keeping credit card processing fees out of event funds makes it easier for everyone.

Just my 2 cents.




Hi @mlsully2002

Can you please look at this and tell me if this has garnered enough support for the development team to work on?


I support this idea. I agree it would reduce fees. We will proceed anyway but I like the logic Scott is presenting here. This way we can tell parents “fund you scouts account for the next six months or so”. That would reduce fees the Troop would pay. I know we can now have the parent pay the fees but I am not sure we want to use that functionality.

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Hi Steve,

Just to clarify, the parents pay the fees. The problem is the fees show up in the outing. Here’s an example. Say the outing is $10.00; with credit card fee, the total is 10.56. In the ledger of the event, you will see a deposit for 10.56 then a -.56 transaction. You will balance, but I think all that is too messy for people.

I hope this helps,


I would like to start this conversation again.

Is there enough interest from the community to have the TT staff work on this?

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I support @sgaines idea. Implement this as a site setting where all funding was done this way to save fees (thrifty) and to make things easier for parents to understand (fewer transactions with associated fee reductions).


Hi @mlsully2002, has this idea received enough traction for TT Development to begin work?

I would LOVE to see this implemented.



Not to begin work, but it has enough traction to be on this list… And now it is.


Thanks Matt :):):slight_smile:

This same item is causing issues with our Pack - It would be great to only allow payments into individual account. It would greatly help all keep track of what each scout has paid for over the year.

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Is this idea getting any closer to implementation?

I had a cancelled event recently and as I “refunded” scouts who had paid, I realized that the credit card “refunds” were disappearing into the ether. Unless there is something happening with Stripe that I don’t know about, when you chose “refund” the credit card based transactions disappear and the scout accounts doesn’t see a refund. Refunds for those who use scout accounts worked fine. I guess we would manually have to do a credit card refund. Or as in my case I just manually added a matching credit to their scout account. Is my understanding of how this works correct?

Allowing us to limit the only use of a credit card to add funds to scout accounts would fix this. That way events are only paid for using scout accounts and the refunds will work and go back to scout accounts.

It also helps limit fees for multi-scout families and those who just don’t understand that the less transactions the better when it comes to the fees.

I know you all have loads of bugs to fix and enhancements to make, but this has been out there for a while. Has this been implemented and I just don’t see the selections in TroopTrack or is this due any time soon?

Thanks Scott!

FWIW - This is also a good workaround for the fact that paying directly for events can cause a 1 cent incorrect transaction. See this bug - Online Payments + Stripe are not following the correct formula.

This topic came up yet again in a meeting of Scout leaders during a recent AAR. One adult suggested that perhaps we could turn off credit card acceptance at the event level during event setup. We went and checked and no, that is not an option. Is it possible this method might make implementation easier? What needs to happen for this to get implemented or addressed?