"Youth Fees" needs revision

I made a discovery today while RSVP’ing to an event. I submitted myself plus 1 youth guest plus 1 adult guest as going. This event was setup with a $12 fee for youth (meaning the scouts) and $0 fee for adults (the only other choice) which in this case meant both adult troop leaders and parents. When I did this, I was “billed” $12 for one of my guests, because of the “youth” classification. Once I figured this out I change her to an adult guest and the charge went away.
You REALLY need to add more choices to the fees list, even if it’s only one (GUEST FEE) or two (ADULT GUEST FEE/YOUTH GUEST FEE). The current YOUTH FEE should apply only to Scouts.

I agree with the need for a Guest Fee option. Our Scouts pay monthly dues that cover the majority of their event costs, but Adults and Guests pay as they go. It would also be nice to have a per-Patrol charge or Resisted/Unregistered distinction because we have a “Prospective Members” patrol for those that are considering joining, waiting to age in, or are representatives of other units that are kept in the loop for communications. Adult leaders are sometimes charged a different fee as well.

Perhaps the solution is to implement the ability to add different accounting/charge options for each event. We sometimes have multiple options with different costs (full participation, limited participation, meals/no meals, etc.).