Criminal Background Check tracking

I didn’t see CORI or Criminal Offender Record Information which after a Google serarch I learned this is apparently for Massachusetts only. I didn’t realize this is by state. I do see TT has these two options so I’ll use the PA one.
Perhaps a generic “Criminal Background Check” would be make sense since have 50 of these doesn’t seem reasonable?

FBI Criminal Background Check
PA State Police Criminal Background Check

Ah but here’s the rub CORI expires in 3 year were as PA and FBI are 5 year.
Perhaps then - then can cover most states with a few entries
Criminal Background Check 1 year
Criminal Background Check 2 years
Criminal Background Check 3 years
Criminal Background Check 4 years

Do you have to keep track of the Background check for the members of your group? We are a BSA unit and I saw the Background Check date field in the Registration Info but have never input anything into there since BSA National handles that. Previously they never re-ran the check however now they are going to start, perhaps based on some new laws. Honestly it’s a good idea anyway to run one on some kind of schedule.

We do for all adult leaders since our charter requires it. The committee clarified that even though MA law is three years our charter requires it every year (like many sports leagues do these days). We use TT to track all training and or other requirements (such as Protecting God’s Children and CORI).