Cub Scout Achievements: 2016+ or Legacy for upload to TurboNET

Hi - we are new to TroopTrack, so far loving it!
We have successfully downloaded our roster via TurboNet along with all the boys achievements to date. Now that we are going to start recording new achievements this year, which achievements should we be using so that they upload to TurboNet, the 2016+ or the legacy version?
I’m asking because the version of achievements downloaded from TurboNet is the legacy version even for achievements received and awarded in 2017 as downloaded from TurboNet (see image below)
Also, should I be turning off one of these versions so that some of my den leaders don’t pick the old and some pick the 2016+?
And finally, I’ve got parents asking why their boys don’t have their badges that they have been awarded due to the multiple versions, 2016+ version at 0% and the legacy at 100% (See other image).

I did spend some time looking for these answers in the forum but couldn’t find any so if there are other threads, please let me know and I’ll go read them.

Thank you!

ANd here’s the view of the Bear Badge issue:

With regards to the Bear Badge issue, sometimes it creates a duplicate. We aren’t sure why and haven’t been able to figure it out as of yet, despite looking into it. However, if it still says 0 percent and you aren’t at risk of losing any data, just delete the duplicate to take care of it.

If you want to track the awards correctly (meaning, using the current award requirements), you will want to use the 2016 versions, not the legacy ones. The legacy ones are there in case the scout completed those ones - if we delete them from our system, it will break the achievements pages of anyone with that award listed. Yes, I would recommend disabling the old versions if they are not being used, since this is partly why they are loading to the old versions even when they shouldn’t. Since BSA only changes the requirements and the award ID number doesn’t change, it is hard to find a way to differentiate them in the system, since both the old and new versions have the same ID number and TroopTrack will choose the original over the new version when there is a conflict.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank You Kelsie! This is very helpful.