Cubs - Special interest - Faith Awareness badge doesn't calculate properly

The Cubs Special Interest Faith Awareness badge doesn’t calculate properly,
Question 1 should be “1 of 2” but is instead “choose 0”.
If I mark off that they have done questions 2 & 3 it says they have completed 50% of the requirement (correct). However question 1a or 1b don’t count towards award completion.
If I mark off all questions as done it says 75% complete.

There is a problem with the setup of Question 1

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. When that award was entered in, someone put a 0 where there should have been a 1, so 1a and 1b weren’t being properly attributed to the parent requirement 1. I fixed it and it should calculate properly now. If it still isn’t working, you might need to delete and re-add the award.