"Calculating" continually and not logging a %

I have noticed the same thing. Both on badges that have already been earned and awarded as well as those that are partially finished. Example is girl (Patriot) in Troop of AHG. The Stick Shifts and Safety Belts badge and the Photography badge.

Give it about 20 minutes and it should all be fixed.

Thank you.

I’ve got Cubs showing “calculating” who have been like that for days. It seems to happen regularly and randomly.

Some have completed the badge, some haven’t - doesn’t seem to matter.

Do you have to manually kick something off to fix it or is it meant to happen automatically?

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Give it about 20 minutes and it should be all fixed.

Matt - are you kicking something off manually to fix it?

There’s another issue logged I am updating the service pins earned by the scouts but the system is not updating and only reads “Calculating” where it should read 100%
which has been open for a while.

The service pins are a specific issue. There’s nothing I can do for those ones (trust me, I’ve tried), but I did send a ticket to the developers for it.

For your case, sometimes the bulk advancement feature gets stuck and you have to either manually fix them one at a time or just tag me in one of these posts. It is a manual thing that I have to kick off. It often puts 20,000 + jobs in the queue and doing more than one at a time could really mess with performance or even crash the site.

This time for me the achievement updates were done by planning an event, marking some Cubs as attended, recording badgework for that event then deleting the event. I’ve since seen I could probably have done that via the Achieve->Record progress (bulk) menu with a bit less effort.