Custom Mailing list won't save with new additions

So I saw this ticket back in January and it said fixed. But it still doesn’t work for me.
When editing an existing Custom Mailing List,

  1. Check a box next to a new recipient (check mark shows up as expected)
  2. Click Save

The person whose box I checked does not show up in the list. It as if the check box was ignored or the Save did not take place.

If I go to the current version and do same actions, the new person is added as expected.

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Trying to bump this. Still isn’t working.

Hi @jimdecker,

I apologize for the long wait time. I was able to pull up your email, and see your account. I wasn’t able to re-create the problem. I know that when you’re editing the custom email list that in order to fully put someone on it they need to be checked as a recipient and as an authorized sender. This will make it to where the person can get emails and also reply to them.

I hope that this problem has already been fixed,

David Keener

So i was able to get it to work. But a couple points to make.

  • the interface has changed since i found the issue to highlight authorized users
  • When I click on only the user on the left side and click save it says it saved and never warned me that it wasn’t actually saving
  • If it both need to be checked it would helpful that when you check one it automatically checked the other

Now that I know how it works I’m good. But I might suggest making those improvements to the user interface flow. Thanks!

Hi @jimdecker,

I’m glad everything is working for you!

I will talk to our tech team about those improvements, or even possibly having a pop up that says both need to be checked in order to add that person to the custom mailing list.

Happy to help,
David Keener

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack,

I am having this same problem. I check a box, click Save, and it doesn’t save. The inverse is true as well: I uncheck a box, click Save, and it doesn’t save.


Whoops - just reading the details of your response about having to check both boxes in order for it to Save properly. Maybe they should have it automatically select and de-select checkboxes, if that’s the requirement. It is non-intuitive the way it currently works.

I agree - maybe a pop-up that says “this didn’t save because you have to check both recipient and sender checkboxes.”