NEED INFO: Custom Mailing Lists not updating

When I click on the “Edit” button for one of my Custom Mailing Lists, and then check the box next to a Troop Track member to add them as an “Authorized Recipient”, and then click “Save”, Troop Track loads back to the page of Custom Mailing lists and displays the message “Mailing List xxx was successfully updated”.

However, the mailing list doesn’t contain that member. It’s not displayed either in the list of recipients on the page listing all of the Custom Mailing Lists, nor is the profile checked as an “Authorized Recipient” when I click the Edit button for that Custom Mailing List…

@GwynBenders - thanks for posting this. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the problem. When I change recipients it works for me. Could you try posting some screenshots? Maybe also include the browser you are using. That might help.


@dave: I was trying to update a mailing list tonight, but it would not add people unless I also added them to the “senders” list. If I removed them only from the senders list, it also removed them from the recipients list.

Using Edge from work (because they make me), but the app was also not updating the list.

Thanks, this worked for me.


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I had this same problem using Chrome today. for a custom list “tfc”

If I check “Both sides” they get added
If I check only “Left Side” they do not get added
If I check only “Right Side” they do get added

Was able to to the same in Firefox.