Custom Profile Field

Is there a way to add custom fields to user profiles? I’m looking for a way to collect shirt sizes for the boys so I know what to order when we print tees for events. Was hoping to find a way for parents to fill that info in for their scouts.

I wonder if there’s a way to have a checklist be more that just checkboxes for assigned people. Wonder if there’s a way for the assignment be to fill in a field so when I review the checklist later, I can see who’s responded and get the list of values provided.



Hi @pauldugas,

Currently we don’t allow for custom fields like this. You may consider a signup sheet with shirt sizes or just put them in the notes section of the scout’s profiles.

As far as the checklists go, you can certainly request what you’d like them to be specifically. Usually a scenario is helpful for something like this. If enough people think it’s a good idea, our developers will consider it.

Thanks for asking!

I have this as an Idea under the Ideas Section.

Not as part of a checklist
here is the Idea entry
Add Field for Persons to Track Tee Shirt Size

This may help.

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