Roster Accessibility and Customization

It would be convenient to have a Troop-level option to have the roster as a page available in the Private Website (similar to how the Calendar is available on the Public Website. Right now, after granting access to the roster, parents and scouts need to navigate a few levels deep to get to the information and it’s one of the most frequently requested pieces of information. I get a lot of requests to get to the roster and it’s not easy/obvious for people to get to it.

Additionally, like the Photo option, it would be nice to have other information available for display (again as a Troop-level setting) in the roster. For instance, Scouts are responsible for much of the communication and planning in our Troop and they need to know addresses, which aren’t available in the current roster.

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I for one would not want the Roster to have Address information. I would be interested to see what others think about this idea and about having the Roster include more contact information. If it could be easily done as an option that is one thing, unfortunately the side affect of that is the system gets very cumbersome with little options everywhere for different custom things that only a small number of people use but can cause confusion for a large number of users.

It sounds like the best solution for your Unit would be to export the Roster and post it to the Private website as a PDF, then you can export all of the specific information you need, it would then require an admin to keep it updated but would get you the easiest access and allow for all of the information you want.

I have found custom reports, once logged in, do not require permissions to view if you know what the link is.

The way I solved this was by making our intranet page the default (instead of the dashboard) and put links to stuff. This lets us techie people manage the links for everyone (The custom buttons everyone keeps asking for) without building a lot of complexity on the back end.

For the roster in particular, I have found that direct links to custom reports are not permissions based. I made the roster via quick nav reports, then create a users report with these options

Once saved copy the URL and put it on your intranet site in any display you would like. You can do this for almost all troop track navigations.


Thank you @tkramer, we ended up doing the exact same thing.

  1. After login, default to the intranet page instead of the dashboard.
  2. Add links on the intranet page to content instead of using the default TT hamburger nav (see also
  3. Generate a custom roster report and add as a link on the intranet page.

As a side note, using Google Analytics, I noticed the traffic using the default collapsed hamburger nav was nearly non-existent for our Troop (users didn’t know it was there and couldn’t find content). It spiked way up after adding links to the intranet page like you recommended.

Thanks again.

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