General Report Questions from my Membership Chair

haven’t dug in to any of the reporting so I am unable to help my Membership Chair. Can anyone offer advice? Can she do what she wants, or is the reporting lacking several key features as she mentions? If they are deficiencies, should I enter them in the User Community?
Skip Hollowell, Troop 200.

A couple of things that would be VERY helpful for starters:

  1. All reports should sort by LAST name. Also should have the ability to sort each field on the screen. The Medical Report sorts by first name and doesn’t offer the option to filter by Scout or Adult. My paper files are by LAST NAME. I might want to view on screen by LAST NAME or by EXPIRATION date. I’d like to be able to just click the field header to be able to do that.

  2. What about ad hoc reporting. I’d like to be able to select fields in an order I want to place in a custom report. That would at least let me get what I want on the fly

  3. I’d like a preview of the report before I decided to print or export. A membership report automatically generated to an email to me. I don’t even know if it’s what I want, and I have to go to my email to view it after TT processes. It doesn’t offer me an option to get out of that. It just assumes I want this huge csv report.

Also, I can’t find if there is a way to print a batch of Member Detail reports. I don’t want to access each individually and then print one at a time.



  1. If you create a custom report, you can determine exactly what field it sorts by. As for the medical report, you can request that as an enhancement and we will see what the community says.

  2. We have a custom reports option and you can determine the name of the report, how it is sorted, and what is included on it.

  3. All print buttons will show you a pdf preview before you actually choose a printer and print it. We do not offer reports that are automatically generated and emailed. You will need to go into TroopTrack to create the report and then print in, choose to save it rather than print it, and then attach it to an email.

I’m not sure what you want to print as far as batch member details, but if you create a custom report, you can determine exactly what you need. I really think it would be beneficial for you to try it out and click around to see if it meets your needs. Most of the reporting features are pretty self explanatory.

I know for Emailing portion, she is referring to the Member Details report. When we run this, we are told it is too large to generate, and it will be emailed to us, and a copy is then placed in the Files section of the users who generated the report. We have 150 Scouts, 50+ trained leaders, and over 300 other adults in our system. Smaller troops (more conventionally sized) may not have this issue?

As for the sorting, I believe she is hoping for a more interactive report where columns can be sorted on the fly. Since these are canned reports, she doesn’t have the ability to sort how she wants, and she would need to create custom reports for each . I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just more work upfront as we try and finish this migration, which has taken us the better part of 6 months.

In the custom reports, all fields are not available to her. Is it just a request here to have more columns made available to the custom report feature?

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I’m still unclear as to what the question is about the Member Details report. You are right, for larger troops, it looks like it does send an email and place in the files section (I’ve personally never seen a troop big enough to trigger that feature before. Haha).

So you want to be able to drag and drop fields for reports? That’s an interesting idea, but not an easy thing to do. Rather than just pulling information from the system, it would require the creation of objects for each item that could be dragged (including giving them IDs, etc). It sounds like a cool feature, but It’s highly unlikely that it will be put into development any time soon (unless we can find a really efficient way of handling it).

What fields would you like to be made available? There are some (like medical) where it’s likely going to be a no, but if you have some other fields in mind that you’d like to see, let me know specifically and we can see about adding them as options.


Yes, as you can see, having a larger troop doesn’t play well to the strengths of Troop Track, especially where reporting is concerned, but we are determined to make it work.

I am not saying we need to be able to drag and drop columns. I am trying to interpret what she is asking for as well, but since the Canned reports are pretty sparse sometimes in what they actually show, she was trying to build some customized reports. The problem is a lot of the columns of data she knows are stored in Trooptrack just aren’t available to report upon. And yes, one of those are the med reports. I am not sure why you would ever say “those fields won’t be available on reports”. If this person has the role of dealing with Medical, I would assume she should be able to create reports with that data. I get the whole HIPAA violations concern.

I think instead of paraphrasing everything for her, I will direct her here to continue the discussion.

I really think that if she checked out some of our custom reports, she might find most of the columns she needs. I can’t even think of any (besides medical) that aren’t available, but if you can tell me what they are, then we can see about making them available.

The medical information makes us sweat a lot, so I would just use the medical report feature and in a separate request (under the ideas category), ask for some specific filters (like by last name) so we can get a move on those.

Having her describe what she would like might be a good idea. I can tell we are both a bit confused on this one. Haha. :grin:


So on the list above, there is one email field. There can be 2 or 3 email addresses associated with each Scout: Scout email (not often populated, Parent1 email, Parent2 email. Same for phones: household phone, Parent1 cell, Parent2 cell. Scout fields aren’t commonly used, but can be on occasion, especially with older Scouts. If I want a report of all email addresses, how would I do that?

I did play around a little more and saw that some reports did permit sorting while on screen. But I guess I need to poke around more and see if I can find where to choose to print to printer, pdf, or convert to csv while viewing the report.