Dashboard 1.0, Event filters, and more (09/21/2015)

Happy Monday! We've got a couple of exciting changes that went live this morning - here's a quick rundown.

1) Dashboards 1.0! Whether you are a leader, scout, or parent, the new dashboard gives you a nice overview of the things you care about. The dashboard is configured based on the privileges you already have. We're certain you will very quickly think of other things you'd like to see on the dashboard, so please let us know by opening a support request.

2) Event filters on the calendar. When you access the calendar, by default it now only shows events you created or events you or a family member are invited to. There are four icons at the top of the calendar so you can change the view to include:
  - All events
  - Only events you are invited to
  - Only events you or a family member are invited to
  - Only events you have RSVP'd "Yes" to

This change is present on the calendar and agenda view of events.

3) Events that don't require an RSVP. There is a new checkbox under the invitee box called "RSVP Required". It is checked by default. If you uncheck it, invitations to the event will now say "RSVP not required" and invitees will not get a notification asking them to RSVP.

4) The colors of the header for Venturing Crew have been updated to be more Crew-ish.

5) A bug preventing Sea Scout Ships from doing anything other than sign up for an account has been fixed.

6) The pop-up you see when you click on an event in the calendar now includes a link to all event payments.

7) The "Invite Members" page now includes a link to reset passwords.

We hope these changes please you and make it easier for you to operate your unit effectively!

~ Dave