RSVP quality of life requests/feedback

Hello - I wanted to to bring up a couple of items that would make my life SO much easier with regard to RSVPs:

  • RSVP digest - as Scoutmaster, it would be incredibly helpful to get a report or be able to access a page that lists all events and who is RSVPed. Today, I need to have multiple tabs open to see each event and refresh to see who has been added.

  • RSVP timestamps - as the person leading/managing events, I often have to sift through RSVP lists to try and decipher who RSVPed since I last looked. It is hard to do and pretty cumbersome.
    It would be great to have a way to see time/date stamps for when people RSVPed

  • RSVP “maybe” not showing up - I have had multiple people who have RSVPed ‘maybe coming’ to an event, but that doesn’t show them at all on the event page. I have had to scramble when I have people show up and weren’t counted or considered and they say “I RSVPed maybe.”
    It would be great to get a way to see them on the RSVP list. either with a (maybe) next to them in the yes category, or add the ‘maybe’ category to the page.

Thanks in advance for the consideration!

SM Troop 636

The Digest is an interesting idea, I wonder if any others will give feedback that they would also like such an addition.

RSVP timestamps has been asked for in the past and I remember several other posts regarding that, not sure if it is on the development list currently but I will inquire.

The Maybe/Possibly Going is an ongoing feature request, it was added as an optional item in TroopTrack Settings to enable or disable the Maybe/Possibly Going option however it does seem to show up in a non Payment require RSVP event anyway, also no matter the toggle on the setting the section for Maybe/Possibly Going does not show up in the Event Details page to see who has RSVPd as Maybe/Poissibly Going. I have confirmed all of this behavior and sent it over to the Dev team to take a look at it.

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It would also be AMAZING to get a notification on RSVP changes. So when an RSVP’s changes (add, change, drop) I would like the Adult Coodinator to could get an email. I don’t know how many times we have had last minute changes I didn’t know about. While I can close adding RSVP’s, it doesn’t change the drops. If I put an RSVP deadline in people can’t pay if they RSVP’ed without payment. TT allows this to happen even if the event has a must pay to RSVP.

I would also LOVE the attendance sheet to be sorted by RSVP status (Yes, Then No, Then Non-Response) and then alpha order. We have a large troop so with adult/parents the list is 200 people long. Usually I Find Yes on the page and start there marking the attendance.

There is currently a plan to implement changes to the payment without RSVP where they won’t just be able to leave things in their cart and never checkout but the RSVP is still held, the cart will expire after a certain period of time and the RSVP will be removed for lack of payment.

Thanks for the response, @AaronStorey. Glad to see the “maybe” is now optional. Not something we’re going to use.

I also agree with the above mentioned by @KimLadzinske1
We don’t use Troop Track for payments, but not knowing when an RSVP changes status makes it very difficult to stay on top of planning, especially when we have a multitude of events at once.

The Possibly Coming option is working properly. If you have the setting enabled then participants will have the option to RSVP Possibly Coming and the Event main page will show that status.

@ieshet, an RSVP timestamp is in the pipeline and being looked at.