Calendar filters & more (10/02/2015)

Happy Friday! We just released a number of enhancements and bug fixes:

1) Remember that feature that lets users filter the calendar to events they are invited to? This caused trouble for some units who want their users to see all events. So now there is a setting to let you choose the default filter for the whole troop. Just go to Manage -> Settings -> Edit Troop Settings, then click on the TroopTrack Settings tab. The default setting is to show all events a family member is invited to.

2) We fixed a bug with imports from AHG Connect that was adding awards without their requirements. If you have awards like this, you can fix it just by re-importing your data from AHG Connect OR by removing the awards and adding them again.

3) Interacting with ScoutNET via our TurboNET features (BSA only) occasionally fails because ScoutNET is slow. We have made TurboNET better at dealing with this problem when it occurs.

4) All mailing lists now start out as "open" lists when they are first created. By default anyone will be able to use them and you only need to add restrictions if you want to.

5) Announcements are sorted better on the newsletter, announcements page, and on the user dashboard. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Dave