Deactivating Families

Is there a way to deactivate an entire family at one time? Or is the only way to do it one person at a time? I’m updating our account and removing families that are not returning. And I’m looking for a way to be lazy… :smirk:

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We’ve been talking about this. It’s a super risky feature to allow for bulk deactivation or deletion so we haven’t done it yet, but it is on the todo list. I’m afraid for now, it’s one at a time. Best way to limit mistakes.

Is it possible to have a family re-activation feature? I know for a couple of families, such as mine, if all my girls left AHG for a year or two, there would be 7 people to deactivate total. But when we chose to come back, we’d have to reactivate them all again later.

Out of curiosity, why use the delete feature? Would that be for duplicates? Or is it just better to deactivate the duplicates? I’m to chicken to delete people… They all just get deactivated. :smirk:

@SRUEDU - The only time I use the delete feature is when someone signs up, decides they don’t want to be in Cub Scouts, and never shows up again. Since they were never in Scouts prior and never earned anything with us, there is no value in keeping them in the system. Otherwise, I deactivate.

That makes sense. Ours don’t show up in TT unit they Register with National and they’ve already paid. Once they do that, we just deactivate them in case they change their minds and come back b/c at that point, they’ve paid for the year and can come back.

Is there any update on this? We are an AHG troop in Newport, RI which is home to the Naval War College. We lost 50% of our troop this year and I’m really not looking forward to 30+ deactivations :confused:

Unfortunately, there is no plan to implement this in the immediate future. As was outlined above, it has a lot of potential for problems and we also only have one developer who is responsible for the site and this is not on the list of immediate priorities, for the time being.