Deactivating Multiple Users or Whole Family

I’m not sure if there is a better way to deactivate users than to go to each individual profile and deactivate them or not, but it would be helpful if there was a way to show all users in one list and check a box next to which ones you wish to deactivate in the case of multiple girls moving, changing troops, etc. Also, it would be helpful if when you deactivate one member of a household, if the system had a pop up message asking if the other members of the same household also should be deactivated.


It would be nice if there was a quicker way to Delete Deactivated members.

I was also thinking either having check boxes next to each name in the grid, or change to a list, and add a Delete button at the top of the Deactivated Members list. As well as a Delete All Members in a Household function.

Also I think there might be a bug, after Deleting a Deactivated member the page refreshes back to the Active Dens list. I believe after the deletion action, the page should refresh back to the Deactivate Members list. currently I have to keep going back to the Manager/Members/Deactivated Users drop down, then delete the next individual person. It is very tedious.


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We are with USA Girl Scouts Overseas, so we have a high turnover every year. I’d like to be able to delete entire households as well, and multiple households at one time would be even better. I just spent an hour deleting households of people who have left the area and then I realized that action didn’t actually delete the members.

Hi @KtownGS, @MommaGrams, @Eoin, @AdamBennett,

I think these are some great ideas. Currently how TroopTrack works now is you have to individually delete, or deactivate, members in order to remove them from TroopTrack. I have added it to the tech team’s to do list, and will speak with them about how possible something like what has been suggested is.

Sorry for the long wait time,

David Keener

Hi everyone,

We’ve added the feature of being able to deactivate/reactivate multiple users at once, and even households!

It’s super easy to use.

To get to it click Manage<Members< Deactivate Users.

This will bring you to a page that is shown below:

Just check the boxes, and select “Activate”, to make sure your changes are saved.

Hope this can be put to good use,

David Keener

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