DEFERRED: Event Fee - new Adult fee non-program

Suggestion. It would be nice to have a way to set up an additional fee for an adult who is attending the event but not doing the added activity on the event. Ie. Adult going on the camp trip but not horse back riding during day. Cost for adult fee as it is now has to be the cost for both camp cost and event costs ( ie just camp/ event fee would be $10 but with horse program / activity fee would be $50: ) then I have to go back in and issue refunds in accounts and trust adult are letting me know before rsvp date of extra activity.

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Sorry needed to state
On the advanced calendar entry page.
Youth fee
Adult fee
Adult fee without special activity

Have you tried using event items for this? You could make the adult fee not include the special activity, then add an event item like “Adult Horseback Riding” that charges the extra amount.

Yes I have done that in past but would be nice if on one event so I could check on rsvp ratios. and drivers on one count event.

After TT4 I want to redesign event fees to be more customizable. Everyone seems to want something different.