Event fee needed for guests when different from youth/adult fee

There are a lot of events that have different fees for guests, some by Troop/Pack/Council, usually because patches, special meals or similar are not included for them as they are for scouts. Here is an example. We have a Scout night at a baseball game and there is a Scout price, leader/parent price and a sibling/youth guest price. The sibling/youth guest price does not include a few things that the Scouts get. How do we set that fee for the sibling/youth guest on the event?


There are only two price options, Youth and Adult. There is an option for Additional items added to an event and you could have another fee in there however it would not go with the RSVP and if they RSVP as a Youth or Adult Guest they would be charged that amount.

I am currently using the add item, but it makes it hard to track RSVP’s. It would be helpful to have an option to add guest pricing for youth and adult.

There have been many Ideas centered around making RSVP’s better, more flexible, better reporting. I am sure TT staff are listening. Hopefully many of the suggestions will be rolled out as they move forward with updates they are working on.

This would be a great feature to add. This would make it a lot easier and it should be upvoted for a future release soon.

Yes. This is necessary. The simple option is to have the payments be consistent with the RSVP types:

  • Scouts

  • Youth (use this for siblings)

  • Adults (use this for parents)

There is a need to have different payment amounts for each. For us, scouts are free for almost all events. Right now we are stuck instructing people to signup all non-scouts as Adults to pay for them but this is both confusing for families and also then makes it hard to understand how many siblings we have vs. parents. A perfect use case for this is family camping. Scouts are free, siblings and adults are $5. We need to know how many siblings vs. adults are coming for meal planning and activities.


It would also help to have the total payment for RSVP’s be done once if using PayPal.