More Fee Types

Currently for events, there is only an option to set a fee for either Youth or Adult. Please consider adding more options, such as leaders and scouts. Our pack pays event fees for scouts and leaders, but other family members must pay for the event. With the current setup, we have to create two events for the same outing. One with no fee for youth or adults for the scouts & leaders, and then another for the family that charges a fee.


I am voting that this gets moved up on the priority list.
Like others have stated, on most events, our Pack pays for the Scouts parents and guests pay for themselves.

For example, it would be nice to have a simple breakdown like:
Scout Fee = $0.00; Leader Fee = $0.00; Youth Fee = $5.00; Adult Fee = $15.00

It would be even better if we can have “Fee Categories” like the “Transaction Categories” and then we can create as many custom categories as we want

There are currently (3/7/2017) at least 4 posts that reference this general idea.

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Thank you! I would LOVE to see this kind of enhancement. I appreciate the followup!

Kellie Aquino