Charge fees in TT


I would like to charge charge fees for different activities. so if two difference scouts go to two different activities it would be nice to be able to set that in the tool and charge accordingly or when doing view payment and have the ability to set the fee there that is charged to the scout account to create flexibility in what is being charged to each scout based on activity.

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You can already do that in the Trooptrack event configuration.
“Advanced” page tab.
Adult fees and youth fees.



Yes, you can charge an adult fee and an Youth fee, but what you can not do is set up two different fees for youth depending on the activity. Say half the group is going rock climbing and half is going zip line and they are two different fees for the your or even for the adults. There is no way to have the scouts pick the activity and have the fee associated with that activity. I could have two invites but that gets very confusing for parents and kids.


Ah. Gotcha. You are absolutely correct. This definitely would be a nice to have. Another example is when an attendee can only show up for 1 day out of a 2 day event.


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Would love to see this functionality added

Being able to customize payments in this way is important for us. Between different activities and also the fact our pack often covers fees for scouts and leaders, but not guests… so being able to differentiate between scout attendees and guest youth/adults would be nice! Thx.