Delete achievement progress

I am a new user and was trying to figure out how to add achievement and tried the bulk input on a random badge. I need to delete these achievements since we didn’t actually do that. Where can I edit badges earned?

You would need to go into the Individual Scout profile, you can use QuickNav at the top or Manage Den/Patrol/Unit(the first option on the Manage menu), depending on what type of group you are, and select the Achievements tab. Then delete, or edit and remove the dates from the completed field on the badge in question.

I think I could use help here too. How do you delete an achievement date using the “new” date input scroll bars. I suppose I could delete the whole achievement and start over but I am concerned that when I add the achievement back in, it will not be linked to the rank badge.

Appreciate any help,

In Chrome there is an X that shows up. In Safari if you have selected in the field press Delete on your keyboard and it removes the entered date. What browser are you using?