Let scouts edit their own achievements - how does it work

Can someone explain how this feature works? I have not turned on the checkbox yet because I want to understand how this impacts ranks earned. I run imports and exports to ScoutNet so I’m concerned about scouts inadvertently awarding themselves a rank. (Although the import/exports haven’t been working lately so I’ve been maintaining two sets of advancements- but that’s a different issue.)

If I turn on the checkbox in settings, will a scout be able to put in completion dates only for each requirement? Will they be able to complete the whole rank? What fields do they see? Comments? Recognized? Purchased?

I’d like to hear from folks who have this feature turned on. Do the scouts use it? Is it helpful to track scouts progress - especially if they are inactive for a while?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Other users please chime in on the scouts achievements section.

I’m not sure many use that feature, but it is available. I believe it’s the same as giving all your scouts the privilege to edit achievement records all at once. They will be able to award themselves a rank, but not report it to council. If you choose to do this, talk to your scouts about being responsible with it.

I’m curious about the tubonet issue. I’m concerned it may not be showing up in search results. I’ve answered the question at least 20 times and there is information about it in the user guide page about turbonet, so I’m just wondering if it’s not showing up when you search for it.

I let my scouts update their own advancements if they choose to (for their own information), however, I have told them that their Book is the ONLY source we recognize for advancements. Our Advancement chair takes the book after every Board of Review and then updates TT with the info from the book, and also submits the advancement report.