Deleted scout records

One of our users deleted multiple user records (parents, leaders and scouts). This as you know deleted everything we had recorded.

It’s there any way TT can recover the deleted records from a back up?

Thank you

Uh oh. That’s going to be a tough one.

Will you please send me an email with each of the scouts names (and ID numbers if you know them)?

I’ll open a ticket once I have that info and see if we can help.

This sounds like a feature request.

Perhaps there could/should be a method for someone to have the
ability to back out of an error. It could be a level of access at the
Unit level.

This is a bigger infrastructure thing we are moving towards, actually. For now, we have to try to recover them individually.


I send you an email with the names a few weeks ago, I wanted to take a moment and follow up with you.


I’m afraid this one hasn’t been picked up yet. It’s very difficult without
IDs, and there are a few other tickets in the queue ahead of this one.

  • Matt


They should be back now.

Matt, thanks for getting this resolved for us. We found them a few weeks ago, I haven’t had time to hit the community.