My Scout’s account was either deleted or labeled inactive and there was money in his account. How do I reach someone at TT? I have been trying multiple times a week on this site and their Facebook page for over a month, more like 6 weeks. Is anyone manning Tech support on this site? I just need to know the amount that is left in that account.

Good luck. I’ve been trying to get a response for weeks. I think TroopTrack is slowly sinking and nobody is at the helm.

@199SJDenver, that information would need to be looked up by an admin of your unit not TT staff.

@toregan1, While TT has recently seen a major decrease in subscriptions and downsized their staff they are trying to keep things going. Do you have a community post for the question or inquiry you had for them?

Nope. I had a Pack-to-Troop transfer request that they have handled for me every year for the past five-plus years. I understand their situation, but ignoring their existing subscribers won’t do anything to help their case. The automated transfer feature is great for Pack-to-Pack or Troop-to-Troop, but won’t allow a Pack-to-Troop transfer.

Actually this info is not looked up by the Admin. It disappeared after they helped my get back into my Admin role after I accidentally deleted that account. So I need their help to find out how much was in that Scout’s Account.

Unfortunately if the account and money account were deleted there isn’t anything TT admins can do to see how much was in the account before it was deleted. They have said in other posts that there are not individual point in time backups or logs for individual accounts and items, they backup the system as a whole for catastrophic server failure or something like that but there is nothing for situations like this were something individual is deleted. Sorry.

I suppose that would be correct if I actually deleted the account but I didn’t. It was done when TT put me back on as admin and created a new account for me. That is when I noticed that my son no longer had a money account.

This is sounding like a very specific out of the ordinary case. Sorry for all of your troubles.