Den Level Promotion

We are in the process of promoting all of our cubs to the next rank level and can’t figure out how to do it in bulk. We have multiple dens for each rank and the “promote” feature in the Management tool only seems to move them to a different den, not a new rank. Is there a way to promote a den instead of having to touch each scout account?


Hi @MunseySlack,

It looks like you don’t have the proper privileges to do this. I believe you will need unit access and probably “Manage Troop Members” to promote a dens to the next level. Once you have those privileges, go to Manage > Dens and press the promote button and that should do the job for you.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response. I’m the webmaster and have given myself every permission available. The problem is that I can’t use the “promote” function at the den level since it just moves the scouts from one den to another. Since we have multiple dens at the same rank we’ve created dens by number (i.e. Den 1, Den 2, Den 3, etc.). If I use the promote function it just asks me to move them to another den in the list, not a new rank.

Hi @MunseySlack,

Before you promote a Den to a new Den, go to the Den that you would like to promote them to, press Edit, and set the level. After you do that, promote the old Den to the new one and that should set all of their levels.

Thank you!

OK, you guys are missing the point. Our dens are labeled Den 1, Den 2, Den 3, etc. Those Dens aren’t associated with a rank. Their associated with a group of scouts. Dens 1 & 2 are both Webelos dens that need to be promoted to AOL. When they get promoted, they’ll still be in Dens 1 & 2. The current promotion function requires them to move to a different Den, which doesn’t work for us. Remember, we have over 100 cubs in our unit and multiple dens associated with the same rank. We need to be able to promote the scout to new rank, not a new den.

Hi @MunseySlack,

Thank you for clearing this up for me.

Your best option would be to make a temporary den, put all of the scouts in Den 1 into the temporary den, edit Den 1 and change the level to the new level, then promote all of the scouts in the temporary den back into Den 1. This will change them to the new level.

I agree this is a convoluted process. We keep the den names and want to promote to next rank. Currently there is not a way to do this w the promote command. I had to promote the AoL then promote Webelos up and then change the name as we have the den number in the name. What a pain!

Hi @jebwhs87,

Thanks for posting your concerns.

The problem is, more people name the different sections by level and that’s how the default is. The process as it is, is currently more helpful to a majority of TroopTrack users.

I’m not saying we can’t add additional support, but it would need to be in the Ideas category with some good justification and it would need to get a good amount of support from the Community as well.

Best of luck to you!

From our experience - Our strategy for labeling the Dens - as Den 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-2, etc…

The first number is the den number for the “patrol”. The second number after the dash is the rank:
-1 = tigers,
-2 = wolf,
-3 = bear,
-4 = Webelos
-5 = AOL.

When we are promoting out Den 3-3 from Wolfs to Bears, we create a Den 3-4 group. Then we promote the scouts from one den to the next for rank. Then delete the Den 3-3.

Since I customized the email address of the Den to be just - the same parents use the same magic email address in TroopTrack for the entire term of Cub Scouts for up to 5 years. I only needs adjusting once per year with the new Den3-4@… changed to Den3@…

After a AOL graduates - the intent is to then rotate the den numbers back in rotation. For example - Den 1-5 to Boy Scouts we reuse Den 1 for an incoming Tiger Den next year - Den 1-1.

Our last promotion patrol is Boy Scout Patrol - for keeping scouts and parents in a holding pattern until we need or want to deactivate the accounts.

Guess we could have a Den 1-0 for Lions now too.


Not to sound argumentative, but help me understand, please.

What is the point of maintaining a rank for individuals, and also maintaining a separate rank for the Den/patrol. The method you say most customers use, wouldn’t need a separate rank for individuals – you’d know their rank by their membership in a den/patrol/etc.

Or did I miss something?



Hi @MunseySlack,

Tell me if this would solve the problem: Manage > Den/Patrol, on the blue bar of each Den/Patrol on the far right, we have the options to delete, edit, promote, and add member. What if by pressing “Edit” and changing the level on the dropdown, it changes the level of everyone within the Den/Patrol. This way you could keep the names you want and just update the levels of the scouts as needed. The Promote feature will still be available for user who would like to use the traditional method or would like a quick way to bulk move users.

Let me know if this will do the trick.



Let me explain it a different way.

Dens graduate to the next rank as they graduate grade levels in elementary school.

Our dens are perpetual. The patch the Scout wears and is associated stays with him for all of his tenure in the Pack.

Den 5 as a Tiger will always be Den 5 the next year as a Wolf, etc…

In TroopTrack the promotion of the Den from Wolf to Bear then activates the next set of requirements and awards the Scout is capable of working on.

When a Scout is promoted to the next rank in TroopTrack - he then moves to that new Den.

When we were smaller - on den per rank - it wasn’t an issue. We just had them stepping stone from one rank to the next. The size of our pack now - 120 Cubs and 18 Dens - the logistic is more of a burden.


Hi @mlsully2002,

I can’t speak for @MunseySlack, But it seems your proposed solution would work for my pack. As @MatthewPodraza mentions in his post, in Cub Scouts, the Den Number stays with the boys as they progress through the ranks. And while you’re working on this, It would also be nice to display the Level next to the Den/Patrol Name on the Blue bar.

Den 1 (9 Youth) - Arrow of Light Rank (2015+)
Den 2 ( 7 Youth) - Tiger Badge (2015+)

It would also be nice if the level descriptions matched the achievements. See below -

Thanks for your help!



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Agreed. I actually name the dens “Den 1 - Tigers” and have to rename them each year. As a result when you rename them the magic mailing list changes as well.

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I apologize for not replying to this sooner, but YES, that solution would work for us.

Munsey Slack

Any update on this @mlsully2002? This is really a pain.

I just did a test and this appears to be working unless I’m missing something.

If you go to Manage > Dens, and click “Promote” on a den, and then send the scouts to a new den, it should change their rank and level automatically.

@mlsully2002 Problem is I do not want them to go to a new den. If they are Den 1. I want them to always be in Den 1. I want to promote their rank but not create a new den. This is a wasted step. I should be able to promote without changing the den.

Worse yet I clicked ‘Edit’ and changed the den to the new rank. Only to go in and see the boys did not advance in rank. Doubled up the work effort. May not sound like much but when you have 12 dens with 10 boys in each den it adds up.

Ideally I would be able to bulk promote the dens. I could select all the dens I want to advance in rank. Should be all I have to do as a user. Backend handles the rest.