Would like Grade Level to advance when promoting a den

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As a related idea/request, it would be super helpful if each Scout’s grade level advanced by one when a den is promoted. I know, I know—sometimes boys are held back, etc. In my experience, that number is much less than the number of boys moving up to the next grade. Currently, as a completely separate step from “promoting a den,” I have go into each boy’s account, one-by-one, and update their grade level.

Den Naming Conventions:
My 2¢—In our pack, a Scout will keep the same den “number” for the 5, or so, years he’s in our pack. Once the den of Webelos 2s crosses over to Boy Scouts, their den “number” is recycled the next fall for the new, incoming Tigers.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but it keeps us from having five dens numbered “1,” and from having to remove & re-sew den number patches every year.

In regards to TT, I label my dens as follows (for example):
Den 1 - Tiger
Den 2 - Wolf
Den 3 - Bear
Den 4 - Webelos 1, <insert “patrol” name, if used>
Den 5 - Webelos 2, <insert “patrol” name, if used>

Then, in the fall after the Webelos 2s in Den 5 have crossed over, the dens would look like this:
Den 5 - Tiger
Den 1 - Wolf
. . .
Den 4 - Webelos 2, . . .

Hi @BobCain,

This feature is already under consideration. If you can find where someone else asked for it and add your support to that, it will likely be pushed higher on our todo list.

Thank you!