How to add achievements to previous awards after promoting a Den

It’s August, and in preparation for the new Scout year, I created our Pack’s TroopTrack CubScout account, and all the Scouts have been imported into the database. I arranged all the Dens in the Manage–> Den function. Then I promoted them to the next rank since they’ve all received their new ranks. But now, I need to go back and update their Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award. But I can’t seem to do that now because I just promoted them, and the new Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award requirements appear for their new rank. For example, the Tigers last year completed all the requirements for the “Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award - Tiger” except for the requirement to attend Day Camp. Well, they just completed Day Camp, and it is customary in our Pack to now give them the award since they completed the Day Camp requirement. But now that I’ve promoted them to Wolf, I can’t get the Tiger version of the Outdoor Activity award to appear in now Wolf scout’s Achieve to enter their achievements by hand. So what do I do to get the Tiger version of the Outdoor Activity award to appear in a new Wolf’s Achievements window to complete the requirement so that we can start the process in TroopTrack to get them awarded?

Last year, we had a Scout who turned 18, and was changed in TT from a youth to an adult. However, we didn’t put an end date in his last leadership role. We had to turn him back into a Scout, fix it, and then turn him back into an adult.
I hate to suggest this, but you might have to ‘demote’ them, add the completed requirement, and then ‘promote’ them again.

Is there a “demote” button? Or do I edit the Den to a lower rank? Is that sufficient to bring up the previous rank requirements, or will I throw a big monkey wrench into the TroopTrack application? We’re new to TroopTrack, so I’m concerned about really fouling things up good and proper.

Go to manage your den. Choose the scout. Under the Achievements tab, there is a blue button at the top right called Start Achievement. Click on that and it should bring up a list. Under “Other” should be the Outdoor Activity Award for all ranks. Check mark the one you want and hit the save button. Now it should appear under that Scout’s achievement tab.