Detailed report pdfs

Hi. I am trying to download a copy of my daughters’ detailed reports as we are about to switch troops and unsure as to whether the new troop will have TroopTrack or not. When I click on the reports tab, it just opens up a window for a printable version but not a downloadable PDF version. Since just my oldest daughter’s report is 520 pages (and I have other daughters), I would prefer to download it to have a copy should the need arise. (It used to be downloadable when we switched troops last time in 2019.) Is there a way to update this function so it’s downloadable PDF again?

I will ask the TT staff about this however most browsers can create a PDF of a web page.

idk how to do that (when I try to save it via file–>save, the only options it gives me are web pages or a text file, but not a pdf, using either firefox or chrome). It used to download as a pdf automatically. It’d just be nice/convenient if that could happen again.

There are plugins for Chrome that allow this. I will still mention it to the TT staff. Not sure how quickly this would happen or even if it will, I remember there being issues with formatting of PDF reports.

Victoria, when you have the report pulled up, don’t try to save it; pull up the print dialogue (CTRL+P), and you should have an option to select a printer or destination, then select Save As PDF or similar option.
Hope this helps!

That worked great, thanks!!!

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