New to TroopTrack: App gets stuck on a PDF - HELP!

Hi there!
We just switched from SOAR to TroopTrack, and I’m absolutely baffled by a feature on the mobile app… when someone clicks on a PDF link in the event info, there doesn’t seem to be a way to navigate back away from the PDF (no back button, no hamburger, nothing but a view of the PDF, which you can’t even print or download?).

On a side note, it looks like anyone can email everyone from the app, even scouts that are not in leadership roles. Is that supposed to be how it’s set up?


Unfortunately that is the way the app currently works, you have to exit out and completely close the app to get back to the login page and start over.

Can you elaborate on how they e-mail “everyone” from within the app and how you have your TT account setup?