Ability for Leaders to Pull Reports

I’m trying to figure out which permissions I need to give my leaders for them to be able to pull reports for their squad only. Is that possible? Specifically, I’ve been trying to figure out which permissions they need to go in and pull the Requirement Details Report. My leaders are trying to narrow down which girls need what for their level awards and being on the board (and in charge of troop track) I can see everything and have access to everything. I just can’t figure out which box I need to check for my leaders to be able to pull those kinds of reports for their squad only.

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I was just testing and in order to have access to the Reports you must have Unit access to TT. The Patrol/Den or whatever it might be called does not give access. Beyond that The only other privilege I gave my test user was Upload Photos and View and print troop roster but I will able to see the Reports and run the Requirement Details Report.

Thanks for figuring it out but UGH!! My leaders don’t want full unit access. And honestly, some of them are so scared of TT, I don’t want them to have it. It keeps them from using it. @KelsieC Is there any way this feature could be added to just the Squad Leaders? My 3rd grade leaders won’t care about/don’t even need to know what my Pathfinder, 1st, & 2nd grade leaders are doing. It gets very confusing for them having to filter through all the information to just get their own squad.


Same question for AHG side of things. I’d like my unit leaders to be able to run some reports without having access to the entire Troop. Thanks! Maybe we can bump this to “Suggestion/Idea”? :smiley:

@SRUEDU, in the meantime, have your Unit Leaders used the Progress Report view? This is perfect for narrowing down which girls need what for their level awards. And leaders do not need access to the whole “Troop” to see this, only to their specific “Unit.” (In BSA TT, is “Troop” called “Unit”?)

Easy way to get to it: Manage – Units. Then the link to “Progress Report” is in the title bar of the Unit.

The screen defaults to the Unit’s Level Award at the “top” level, e.g. Badges, Service, etc, with checkmarks in each column that is complete. The Badges, Service and Events column headings are clickable, which takes you to more detail for that category, e.g. clicking on Badges shows you six columns, one for each frontier. (Sidenote: the columns are labeled a., b., c., etc and are hyperlinked. But if you hover/click, they only show the frontier name. I wish they would change the column labels to be the names directly and change the hyperlink to take you to the badges in that frontier–and while they’re at it, why not change the order so Heritage is first, like in the book.)

So let’s say you go to Manage, Units, Progress Reports, then Badges, and you see that 9 of the 12 girls need a checkmark in the “f” column, i.e. a Sci & Tech badge. So then you could click on “Change Award”, go to “Science & Technolocy Frontier”, then “All Science and Technology Frontiers”. Now you can see any progress (shown with percentage) or completions (shown as checkmark) for all the girls in your Unit, for ALL the Sci&Tech badges. If you’re trying to pick a Unit badge that none of the girls have done yet, this is a GREAT way to do that.

Another great use of Progress Report is to check on progress for the badge you’re currently working on as a Unit. Sometimes, girls miss a meeting and fall behind. How do you see that easily? Manage–> Units–> Progress Report --> Change Award, pick frontier, then specific badge. It’ll show a Progress and Completed On column, then a third column for the “Mandatory” requirements and a fourth for the “optionals”. Again, a checkmark means a girl is done with all the mandatory and/or all the optionals. Clicking on those column headers gives you details about WHICH mandatory (or optional, depending on you click) the girl has/hasn’t completed.

Hope this helps!
Note: Progress Reports for Patriots are apparently still buggy! Badges used to not show up at all, only service stars, etc. Last year, they fixed it so badges appeared, but then some other stuff with the requirements was wacky. Today when I just tried it, the only Sci&Tech badges that showed up with the new ones from the Supplement. Guess I should submit a bug report on that…

@schwammrs I think that’s how she pulled some of the information. She ran into a couple of problems with it. I’ll have to ask her what. If I remember correctly, she was wanting to be able to pull the exact requirements that were missing. I think the Details Requirement gave her more detailed information (hence the name :wink: ) and that was what she was after.

@KelsieC I noticed that I can’t use the Progress Report and pull up our Custom Awards. It seemed to pull up a few of the ones from last year but ones like my 2017 HUGS Custom Award it didn’t pull up. Should those be on there?

Thanks for all the ideas Karin! I’ll see if we can work around it for now with your ideas. I’d still love to see that Details Requirement for our Squad leaders. :smiley:

I believe the progress report should be pulling up the custom awards as well, but I’m not sure. I would suggest asking @Spencer. As far as allowing unit leaders to be able to pull reports for just their own units, we have added that to the list of feature requests, but it might take some time to get it implemented, so we appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:

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