Down with the quarter!

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday.

First, a big announcement to all of you who uses TroopTrack to accept payments via PayPal and Stripe. We have decided to drop our $.25 processing fee for all users. This will go into effect sometime this month. We are grateful to all of you who have paid that fee over the past few years and hope you will be pleased to see it go away.

Second, a service interruption. We had a problem with email processing that went undetected due to a system failure. We have restored the service and are investigating why the failure was undetected. Any emails you sent from your email client (gmail, Outlook, etc.) were affected by this and were delayed until this morning. It will take an hour or two for the system to get caught up and then email processing will return to normal.

We don’t have outages like this very often, but when we do it hurts. We work really hard to avoid this sort of problem and are embarrassed that we didn’t catch it quickly.

Also, we released an update this morning. Kelsie will post details shortly.


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