Duplicate Pathfinder - Fanny Crosby award, and other possible error?

Hi @dave,

I think there are 2 issues with the Pathfinders level awards in TT:

  1. Under Gear icon > Manage Active Achievements, there are 3 options for Pathfinders level awards: 2 Pathfinder - Fanny Crosby awards, and 1 Pathfinder - Elize Shirley award.

  2. Our troop has disabled (unchecked) the Eliza Shirley award, but left both boxes for the Fanny Crosby enabled (checked), but something is still not right.

Even though I have disabled (unchecked) the Eliza Shirley award, for some reason it is the default award that is shown from Manage > Units > Pathfinders > Progress Report. There is also a Fanny Crosby award available to view (under Change Award), which is the one that we want since it has the girls’ progress in it.

Can this be fixed for us? Thank you!

Hi @mwestcott1,

I can definitely help you out. I was able to pull up your account and saw that there are 2 Fanny Crosby awards like you said. I’m still new to TroopTrack, and not very familiar with AHG, so is there only supposed to be one? If so do you know which one has the correct requirements? I can get that fixed for you- I just don’t want to delete the wrong one from the system.

For your second problem are you saying that the Eliza Shirley award still shows up on the progress report page even though you’ve disabled that award? Is that the level award for Pathfinders? Is it Eliza Shirley or is it Fanny Crosby?

You are correct. I am seeing the progress report default to the Eliza award. If it should default to the Fanny award, I will report in to our tech team, and ask them to fix that.

Sorry for the long wait time,

David Keener

Thanks for following up!

  1. You know, I am wondering if that 2nd Fanny Crosby award showed up around the same time that TT was adding the new 2020 level awards for all the levels? And it just happened to have the same name? If the duplicate is there because it is for the new level award, maybe it just needs a unique name like the other new level awards (“Fanny Crosby 2020”?).

If the duplicate is not the updated level award, then there should only be 1 Fanny Crosby award. I am still seeing 2 Fanny Crosby awards when I go to Manage Active Achievements, but when I go to Manage > Units > Progress Report, I only see 1 in the drop-down (plus the Eliza Shirley).

  1. Yes, the Eliza Shirley award is no longer the level award for Pathfinders, or for any level in AHG, so it should not be showing up as the default level award for Pathfinders.

It does seem strange to me that awards we have checked the boxes for are not showing up as available (2x Fanny Crosby), but awards that we have not checked the boxes for are showing up (Eliza Shirley).

Thanks so much for your time!


  1. Okay so we’ve disabled the old Fanny Crosby award, and only the new one should be showing up now.

  2. We have retired the old Eliza Shirley award, and have made it to when you go to the progress report for pathfinders that it now shows the Fanny Crosby award as the level award. With anyone who has not earned the Fanny Crosby they should now be able to see that in the list of achievements they can earn.

Thank you as well,

David Keener