Can't add new Level Award for some girls?

Hi @dave,

I am trying to update user 503642 so that she can work on the new Harriet Tubman level award requirements instead of the old ones, but the new level award is not showing up as an option for her when I click “Start Achievement.”

A few days prior, we were able to update the level awards for most of the other girls in the unit. We noticed that we couldn’t update this girl sometime last week, maybe on 6/1 - 6/2 ish.



It is usually one of two reasons why you aren’t seeing a badge when trying to add it to a scout’s profile:

  1. Either that badge is not active in your troop. Your troop can specifically control what badges you would like displayed. Leaders of the troop can manage this by going to Settings “:gear:” > Manage Active Achievements . Then once on that page, just check the badges you would like to enable and display within your troop.
  2. OR that badge has already been added to the scout’s profile you are trying to add it to. Scouts can only earn each achievement once, so if that badge has already been added to the scout, then you can not add it again.

Have you tried deleting the existing Harriet Tubman award and re-adding the one you would like?

Let me know if you have any questions.


I didn’t even realize the new Level Awards were live until reading @mwestcott1’s note. Are they live for ALL AHG troops using TT? Or is there a “beta” that some troops are using?
When I go to Manage Active Achievements, I see the new level awards (and new badges) and can check them to be active.
But when I try to add a new Level Award to a girl, none of the new awards show up in the list of awards to pick from. I only have the old options.

Hi @Tyler,
Thanks for your resonse! We are still having the same problem, though.

  1. Yes, we have marked both old and 2020 Harriet Tubman awards as active in our troop, because we have some girls who will be completing the old requirements this year, and some new girls who will be starting the new requirements this year.

  2. I just deleted the old Harriet Tubman award from this particular girl’s list of Achievements, and when I click “Start Achievement” I am still only able to see the old Harriet Tubman award for her:

I don’t see the new Harriet Tubman 2020 listed for her anywhere. And now that I look at some other girls’ Achievement tabs, I do not see the Harriet Tubman 2020 available for anyone.

Most of the other other Pioneers were able to Start Achievement > Harriet Tubman (2020) a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like something changed after that?

@tyler, @schwammrs, this sounds like exactly the same problem we are having. The Harriet Tubman 2020 is checked off as available for our troop, but does not show up when you click “Start Achievement.”

It worked for us a couple of weeks ago, though.

OK, sorry @Tyler to beat the dead horse here. :{

I’m just confirming that none of the new level awards are available when I click “Start Achievement.” They are all checked as available in Manage Active Achievements.

We were definitely able to add them to some girls’ accounts a few weeks ago; they are still showing up for those girls.

I would like for some of our girls to be tracking both the old level awards and the new level awards, since these girls will have the choice of which award to earn, but won’t need to make the decision until spring 2022.

First noticed the problem with Pioneers, but now realize that it is for all levels.


Hi @mwestcott1and @schwammrs,

Are the new 2020 Level awards released? I do not think so. Aren’t they to be released in July or maybe even August? Please let me know.


PDFs of the new level awards were made available to all registered AHG leaders last month, May. They are exact copies of what will appear in the handbook except they have a large watermark on them.

When asked if there were unwatermarked pages the girls could use to start earning the awards, the National Office said girls should mark on the copies in their handbooks (available Aug 3) but gave the impression the girls could start working on the awards now, using the current PDFs and then transferring any marked-off requirements to their books when they get them.

Note: The new badges (other than Medical) are NOT released yet; those will come out with the new handbooks Aug 3.

Thanks, @Tyler. I think @schwammrs is correct about future release dates and PDFs currently being available, but that was not the problem I am reporting.

The bug is that the 2020 level awards are checked off under Manage Active Achievements, but are not showing up when I click “Start Achievement.”

If that is TroopTrack’s intention, then that is fine. It just wasn’t the behavior that I had observed a couple of weeks prior.

The only reason that we want to use the new level awards at this time in our troop is because our girls were promoted in May, and we want them set up so that any completed badgework is automatically attributed to the correct level awards.


@mwestcott1 @schwammrs, and @Tyler
So currently at TroopTrack we have the new Harriet Tubman level award in the system, and you can make it an active award as well, however; we haven’t yet put this as an option for girls to take as it has not been put out officially by the AHG till August 3rd. Once the new book, and awards, are made official by the AHG, then this award will become available on TroopTrack as well to be completed. Marking it as an active award on the list, and creating this award, was just a pre-emptive measure so when the award is officially put out by the AHG TroopTrack would already have that ready to go as well. Until August 3rd we aren’t sure if the requirements could change for that award. But rest assured on August 3rd that award will be made available again.

Sorry for any confusion,
David Keener

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Got it! It sounds like we just coincidentally were updating our girls’ awards when you had it running live temporarily.

We will look at it again on 8/3. Thank you for your response!