Progress Report Bug

When I look at the Progress Report for a particular badge, I can no longer click on the “Do the following” link and get to the individual badge requirements to see who has completed what.

It takes me to the Level Award tracking page.

This happens for every unit level and for every badge. Does anyone else have this issue?


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We have been alerted of this issue at TroopTrack and have let our tech department know about it. They are working on a solution for this.

I just realized I am also seeing this error, and I have a TT training session for leaders scheduled for Thursday night. It sure would be nice to show them the drill-down feature of that page… but will understand if it is not fixed in time.

Hi everyone,

Our tech team has fixed this issue, so now when you click on an award it will show the requirements for that award, and not the level award.


David Keener

Thank you so much for fixing the drill-down problem!!