Dynamic Meeting Invitations

I’m diving into the Event Setup. Reading the forum here I find references to Dynamic Meeting Invitations that say you need to turn this on in Trooptrack Settings. But, I don’t see any such setting on my page.

I suspect that Dynamic Meeting Invitations is now just the way that TT works and that we do not need to enable it. (We are new to TT) Can anyone confirm that I’ve got this right?

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Yes, you have that correct. New Units are automatically Dynamic and don’t have the option to disable it.

If Dynamic Meeting Invitations are not in the TT settings, does that mean they are automatically enabled? If so, were do I go to be able to add custom lists to an event. I do not see this option when planning an event or building a meeting schedule. We have both magic and custom mailing lists. This will be very helpful when creating PLC meetings, high adventure prep hikes/campouts, OA stuff, etc. Thanks

Yes, Dynamic Meeting invitations are on by default for new units. Lack of custom lists is the one shortcoming of the dynamic meeting invitations and has been asked many times before. It is on Dave’s list of things to work on. It will be a great feature when it is implemented and give more flexibility to event invitations.

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Thanks! I am looking forward to it.