Editing Lists

Can you add titles to a couple lists for Girl Scouts? Under training, leaders are required to take a class called “Beyond the Meeting” before they can take their troop outside of their normal meeting place. Here is a link to a course description at our council http://www.gseok.org/en/sf-events-repository/2017/beyond-the-meeting6.html It is offered several times throughout the year by council and can be taught by Service Units. It does not expire. Once you take it, it is good as long as you are a registered adult. Also, I’m adding jobs that my co-leaders have done outside the troop. One that I’m looking for is Day Camp Unit Leader. She’s a new troop leader, but has experience in working at Day Camp. Here is a link to position descriptions to other jobs at Day Camp http://www.gseok.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gseok/documents/600-639-day-camp/600T_DC_Staff_Accountabilities_AND_Organizational_Chart.pdf They have to register for camp every year.