Email not getting through

We have a leader who claims she hasn’t received any TroopTrack emails/postings since May. She was starting to get suspicious of a problem but confirmed it by her actions over the last few days. She composed and sent an email to the troop. She has not received a copy of it nor has she received the confirmation email saying it was sent (although, others…including myself…did get it).

As far as what I can see on this side, it should have been fine. Her name is checked in the mailing lists, and the email itself shows her address on the “send-to” line. She received nothing. Next, I personally sent a test email to her and although I have the confirmation for it, she has yet to receive anything.

She insists that she checked all her junk boxes and such to be sure they haven’t been going there. Nothing. She has a hotmail account. Please advise.

The best option in this case is to send a message to with all of the particulars and the TT support can take a look. They may see this post but e-mail is more direct and you can include all of the private info like addresses and accounts.