Email lists not showing up under "Send an email"

We have email lists created for our troop. I only see 2 of them and there are several. What area of the privileges grants access to the group email lists (so they all populate under Communicate -> Send an Email)?

That’s a strange one. I’m going to put in a ticket about it.

The privilege you need to make those show up right now is “Manage Troop Members”, but I don’t believe you need that normally.

When I go to create lists it gives me the option below. Maybe this is what happened with some of them??


Hey! Looks like you found the problem!

Awesomeness and thank you!


One of your troop leadership needs to include you as an authorized sender to those other lists for you to be able to send to them.

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One of my leaders gave me permission to be an authorized sender! Thank you for the help! :grinning:

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